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Jon Bramnick

Political Positions
Bramnick is widely described as a moderate Republican.[21][22][23][24]

Bramnick supports abortion rights,[25][26] and described himself as being in favor of Roe v Wade. In 2022, he abstained on a vote to codify abortion into New Jersey state law, saying that the bill "went too far."[27]

Donald Trump
Bramnick has been critical of former president Donald Trump,[28][29] with a article describing him as a "Never Trumper".[21] He has criticised Trump's attempts to overturn the 2020 election, saying "I think it is dangerous to democracy that anytime a president who says, 'I won,' and then says there is illegality and fraud, and then does not produce it".[21] In 2022, Bramnick said that Trump's presidency "caused a problem for the Republican brand", adding that "ever since January 6, people are concerned whether or not they can trust the Republicans."[30]

Bramnick is an opponent of the legalization of recreational marijuana, saying he "doesn't deny" using marijuana while in college but is "not a fan" of its legalization.[31][32][33]

Bramnick received an "A+" rating from the NRA Political Victory Fund in 2015 and 2017,[34] though this declined to a "C" grade for 2019, 2021 and 2023.[35][36] During the 2019 electoral campaign, Bramnick was accused by his opponents of being an opponent of gun control. Bramnick rejected these claims, saying he had voted for universal background checks and limiting handgun purchases, and that he supported a federal ban on assault weapons.[37]

LGBT Rights
In 2013, Governor Chris Christie vetoed a bill that would have legalized gay marriage in New Jersey. Bramnick opposed gay marriage[38] and expressed his agreement with the governor.[39] Bramnick described marriage equality as not being a civil rights issue, rather "something for the voters".[40] In 2021, Bramnick abstained on the bill that codified marriage equality into law in New Jersey.[41]