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Pat Quattrocchi

April 1, 2019
Contact: Pat Quattrocchi

Dear Editor,

New Jersey residents would be wise to acknowledge that the upcoming elections in November are probably one of most important in their lifetimes. We will be fighting for the survival of the State of New Jersey.

Since the Garden State is sorely lacking in adequate representation in Washington it is no wonder that we are at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to getting a fair return on the tax dollars we send there. NJ is one of 10 states referred to as “Donor States” paying more in taxes to the federal government than they receive back in funding for Medicaid or public education for instance. California receives $12 for every one that they send to Uncle Sam while we get zero, zip, and zilch. How some states have lower taxes than others and still manage to provide services to their residents; is simply because they get tons more in federal funding than NJ does. Admittedly this arrangement stinks and should be rectified before New Jersey residents are taxed into oblivion.

New Jersey has no one fighting for her as the modus operandi of who is in elected office is not to cut spending but to increase what they believe are necessary revenues thru taxes. Currently we have two US Senators both Ds, only one Republican Congressman in the whole state, the State Senate with 50 seats has 26 Ds and 14 Rs, the Assembly with 80 seats has more than 2 times the number of Ds than Rs. The Freeholder boards in Union and Middlesex counties are all Ds for 20+ years, the Somerset board lost 2 Rs in the last election and the municipal elections were dominated by the Ds. It is sad to say that the situation is almost hopeless.

Note that I say "almost hopeless" as I do think that there are enough people living in NJ who are tapped out by the new taxes and repeated tax increases that have besieged them in the past few years. Sales tax increases, gas tax increases, a new storm water tax, parking tax and increases in real estate taxes and rents to pay for tax increases passed on by landlords. Fee increases for permits and licenses making it difficult for small businesses to thrive. Further, unsurprisingly NJ is the most exited state in the nation and with less residents to carry the load those who remain are hemorrhaging financially. Our residents need to say enough already and put a stop to the death of our state as we know it and elect representatives who want our beloved state to be an affordable place to raise our families and a place where people will stay.

The current three elected officials in District 22 have all received failing grades (F) from Americans for Prosperity pertaining to their voting records. Seems that they have never met a tax they dont like. Personally I see no reason to further burden our residents with more taxes and can say that I would not vote for more taxes, fees or charges. Please consider me for a seat in the NJ Assembly representing District 22. Visit me on Facebook or email .

Patricia Quattrocchi, Clark