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Welcome! from The Rahway Republican Committee All Democrat City Council Voted to charge you more to use your BATHROOM

Once again, the Rahway homeowner and business owner have no friends on the 9-0 democrat city council. Every council person voted YES to charge you more for sewer usage. No surprises there. Business as usual. Even with a few new faces on the council.

Sewer charge going up again on households and business owners? With all this building and new apartments going up all over our city, you have to ask yourself, what is going on here?

These developers have to pay large fees to The City of Rahway to connect to the sewer. More apartments should mean more money for sewer collections. Shouldn't it? Instead the democrat politicians want more of your family's money to cover Sewer services at Rahway Valley Sewer Authority.

So we the homeowner have to make up the difference for all the hundreds of new apartments built? Why isn’t YOUR COUNCIL person protecting YOUR interest?

We can tell you, based on past city budgets we have studied, The City of Rahway carries a surplus in the sewer budget. That means the city OVER CHARGES FOR SEWER!

This is a slap in the face of the voter, resident and taxpayers of Rahway. What makes it even worse, every single council person voted YES to charge you and your family more money to use your bathroom!!!

Enough is enough.

The Mayor and his democrat cohorts are telling people they will save them 5 bucks a month on your electrical bill? Are they kidding when they pound our wallets on everything else? Building permits, parking fees, water bills, property taxes.

Rahway needs a big change on how things are done when it comes to charging you for services. This democrat machine cares more about developers and campaign contributors then your family budget.

Stay tuned for more info and don't let these politicians mislead you on numbers. You know what your own budget is and the city is taking more then you get back.

Rahway Deserves Better!


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